Porsche 911 "East African Safari"

Project description

With this project, its owner sought to pay tribute to one of the toughest motor racing events in the motor world, the “East African Safari”. But his intentions were not only to recreate the aesthetics, but also to prepare a vehicle that was capable of participating in the toughest classic tests on the planet.

As a basis, a 911 SC was used, to which unnecessary parts were removed and fiberglass composite parts were added (engine hood, front hood and bumpers). The end result is, apart from its Pre-73 look, a 120kg lighter car. Additionally and in order to be able to compete with the car, the structural reinforcements imposed by the FIA ​​and a 6-point roll cage were fitted.

Inside, Sport baquets with folding and adjustable backrest, removable harnesses and RS-type door panels and carpets were installed. In addition to a 350mm MOMO Prototype steering wheel and short travel derailleur. At the engine level, a K-Jetronic injection, forged high compression pistons, camshafts from a 964 and modified exhaust and intake pipes were installed.

The chassis was fitted with a limited Slip Differential, height-adjustable Bilstein gas shock absorbers and BF Goodrich 205/65 tires with FUCHS 6J x 15 front and 7J x 15 rear wheels. To protect the car's engine, transmission and front, aluminum protections were installed.

Once the car was finished, its owner participated with him in the Icelandic Saga Rally, covering almost 2,000km on the hard and beautiful roads of Iceland and finishing in 6th position in its category. Now, his goal is to participate in the 8th edition of the Beijing-Paris Rally, which will take place in July 2022.

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