356 SC "Art Car" by Jaime Gili

Project description

The important artist Jaime Gil, internationally recognized for his work, captured all his art in this 356 SC.

Gili´s work is known for expanding painting beyond its traditional limits, encompassing canvases as well as large projects in private and public buildings.
But Gili's latest work takes a number of classic cars as a canvas. It all started with a VW Golf Cabriolet MK1 and then followed by a Seat 600, a Jaguar,
etc ... and one of his latest projects has been to paint this 356 SC Cabriolet owned by one of our clients.

The design of the painting's curved lines perfectly follows the slight curves of the body, and the uniquely mixed palette of primary colors refers
to the beginnings of modernist geometric abstraction. The very specific design adapts to the shape of the car, subtly enhancing and highlighting
some of its curves with strong juxtapositions of color, creating new points of visual tension.

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