Porsche 356 C Cabrio (64)

Project description

This project started when one of our customers contacted us to inform us that he was looking for a 356 Cabriolet. He didn't care if it was a 356 B or C, but what he was clear about was that it had to be in Concourse status. At that time he began the search for a good unit to restore.

After many months of searching and discarding several units, a friend of ours told us about a 1964 356 C Convertible that was for sale. After seeing him and seeing that he was very whole and that according to the Porsche Certificate he had interesting options (such as the wooden steering wheel), we decided that this unit would be the right one.

The restoration began with the complete disassembly of the vehicle and leaving the body in a bare metal. At that time old repairs came to light that made the restoration more thorough. The entire front, the doors and even the sills and floors were changed. One of the most difficult jobs was to recover the doors, since they were badly damaged. Luckily we were able to find a new exterior sheet metal panel and thanks to our craftsmen we were able to fully restore both doors. Once the bodywork was finished and all its parts perfectly adjusted, the vehicle was painted gray.

Its boxer engine was completely restored looking above all for greater reliability and first-class finishes, painting each of the visible parts, as if it were a piece of the bodywork. At the chassis level, all the braking equipment was restored and Koni shock absorbers were installed.

For the interior, originality and the highest quality of finishes were also sought. The entire set of "Squareweave gray" type interior carpets and the rest of the extra carpets were made to measure. The dashboard and door panels were upholstered in leather.

In total it was a job of 12 months and about 950 hours for a Swiss customer.

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