Porsche 911 2.4 E Albert Blue (72)

Project description

For this comprehensive restoration work with original specifications according to COA (Certificate of Authenticity), a series of technical modifications were carried out in order not only to improve the performance of the 2.4 engine, but to make it more reliable with technological advances that Porsche implemented in its models years later.

In the engines of this generation it is very important to carry out some updates that Porsche incorporated in later models in order to correct the defects that appeared when increasing the power of the engines. The most important update concerns the lubrication system. Starting in 1971, 6 oil injectors were added to cool the pistons at the bottom, which allowed the temperature of the piston head to be lowered by almost 100º. This difference in temperature in the combustion chamber increases power and allows you to use pistons with better adjustment, but when the engine is already wearing wear, this request for additional oil from the injectors excessively lowers the oil pressure.

The solution came from 1977 when an oil by-pass was added to the pump inlet for all engines, which makes it a true pressure regulator, as well as a higher-flow pump, all from the design. of the 930 engine and those of competition.

For this reason, the following reconditioning and improvement works were carried out on the engine of this 2.4 E:

Verification of all components. Change of connecting rod bearings, bench, intermediate shaft, change of connecting rod bolts, skid chains and cylinder equipment. Change of valve guides and grinding of seats and valves. Modification of the oil system by mechanizing the By-pass and changing the pressure regulating valve and fitting a new type 930 pump (1977 style update). Fitting of an engine kit corresponding to the 2.4 S version with higher compression. Revision of the injection system, cleaning and verification of injectors and renewal of the ignition system (distributor, coil cables, etc.).

This unit was restored at the request of a French client, who enjoys it today in his country.

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