The “Backdating” concept was born in the moment  we asked ourselves what our ideal Porsche would be.

By ideal,  we understand that Porsche which moves us by its design and aesthetic and which in turn, allows us to enjoy its sporty driving without giving up a certain comfort and a sustainable daily use. We are thrilled by the philosophy that, in the same car, we can find the possibility of enjoying it during the week to go to work and being able to ride it on the circuit at the weekend.

By our reckoning, the models before 1973 bring together those details in the design that particularly moves us. However, responding to a logical mechanical evolution, the later models, see SC, 3.2, 964 have much larger engines, with injection, and in turn, a larger braking system, air conditioning,… The “Backdating” concept was born in the moment  we asked ourselves what our ideal Porsche would be. And this is when we come to the next question:

What if we had a 911 with the design of the pre-73 models with the latest mechanics and technology?

What if all the finishing details could be chosen by its owner, thus obtaining a unique car in the world?

Thanks to many structural similarities that 911 share, this is possible and fully homologated and legal as well.

As a note, although it is true that the "Backdating" concept has gained a lot of strength in recent years due to the incredible projects carried out by Singer, this is an idea that had been executed  long before in England and the United States, and that in our case we have been undertaking it since 2004.

And for those who are concerned about the value of modified units in the international market, we can take as an example two of our projects, which were subsequently sold by their owners at a much higher value than their acquisition cost...

Next, we present our latest "Backdating" projects.

As you will see, the variety of features and finishings is infinite...


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