Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Cabriolet "G50" (1988)



Enrollment date

160 KW (217cv)


Exterior color
Marine Blue (L35V)

Vehicle description

911 Carrera 3.2 Cabrio G50 sold new in California in August 1988. Unit with manual gearbox (G50) and marking 70,544 miles (113,529km).

Metallic Navy Blue color (code L35V) with beige leather interior and blue hood and hood cover. Unit equipped with Air Conditioning and with a Sony CD radio not original of the time. Being a 1988 model, the 911 Carrera recovered the more attractive Fuchs wheels in favor of the "Dial" ones that accompanied its brothers from previous years.

This unit was registered in Spain with Historical registration in 2017, so it can now circulate without restrictions in many European cities.

Original sealed maintenance booklet and Porsche Certificate of Authenticity.

Version equipped with the 930/25 engine, specific for the American versions and for the catalyzed European versions that were sold in some countries such as Germany. Its original maximum power is 217cv, but in this unit, when it arrived in Spain, the Catalyst was removed, so it is now close to the 231cv of the non-catalyzed versions. Additionally, on an aesthetic level, it went to a European look. What was preserved is the original odometer with miles, to keep its clock and original mileage (70,544 miles, that is, 113,529km).

Recent maintenance

- May 2017: Maintenance + change spark plugs

- April 2018: Clutch change, gearbox linkage, fuel pump, rear tires and front seat upholstery. Maintenance.

- October 2018: Bosch Battery Change.

- May 2019: Valve adjustment.

- 2019-2023: Vehicle stored.

Mileage tracking

- June 1989: 12,270 miles.

- June 1990: 16,813 miles.

- July 1990: 17,219 miles.

- May 1991: 21,102 miles.


- June 1997: 61,123 miles.


- May 2017: 69,628 miles.

- June 2017: 69,725 miles.

- April 2018: 70,220 miles.

- May 2019: 70,340 miles.

- May 2023: 70,544 miles.


Technical characteristics

Chassis Number: WP0EB0911JS172006 /

Engine type: 930/25

Engine number: 64J07145

Gearbox type: G50/01

Engine: 6-cylinder Boxer of 3,200 cc

Power: 217cv at 5,900 rpm

Torque: 264Nm at 4,800rpm

Top speed: 240km/h

Vehicle equipment

C03: California / 158: Radio Blaupunkt RENO SQR 46** / 424: Automatic heating regulation / 490: Sound package / 533: Alarm system

* Some factory extras may not be present or functional as of today.

** Radio model not currently present

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