Porsche 964 Carrera 4 Targa "Backdating"



Enrollment date

330cv (aprox)


Exterior color
Slate Grey

Vehicle description


Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a backdating project.

Our 911 Backdating are all made to order, so this is a great opportunity to acquire one of our already completed projects, without the need to wait the almost 12 months it takes to carry out a project of this type. Our Backdating projects are based on the 911 Carrera 3.2, on the 964 and on the 993. For this project, its owner chose the 964 because it offers the best compromise between pure sensations and modernity. It is a vehicle that, although it inherits many features of the previous classic 911, already offers more modern details. Elements such as power steering, air conditioning, ABS or a more modern suspension system are standard on most versions. But at the same time, it still retains that purity of lines and driving sensations, which make it a very attractive generation. Additionally, for this project, the Targa body was chosen, one of the most requested for Backdating projects. In the 964 they are quite exclusive units for being a model with a very low production. In 1990, the year of this unit, only 322 units were manufactured for Europe, counting both Carrera 2 and Carrera 4 models.

Its bodywork is ST type, due to its wider wheel arches and aesthetically it presents a Sport-type finish with a front spoiler. For the exterior color, the legendary Porsche Slate Gray color was considered, a color that combines perfectly with the brown leather / braided leather of the interior and of the Recaro-type seats of the time.

The 6-cylinder boxer engine has been toned up using a Mahle Motorsport engine kit, which increases displacement from the original 3.6-litres to 3.8-litres. With this engine kit the compression becomes 11.8:1, instead of the original 11.3:1. It has also been fitted with a Sport camshaft, a type 993 flow meter, a sports exhaust system with Sport catalytic converters, an additional oil cooler at the front and finally, a reprogramming of the control unit. The result is an approximate final power of 330cv.

On a dynamic level, in the 964 generation, 4-wheel drive has already arrived and they offer better traction in curves and on asphalt with little grip, providing a lot of confidence and safety in any situation. Additionally, its chassis is optimized thanks to the use of a Bilstein PSS 10 suspension (adjustable height and stiffness), a Sport stabilizer bar system and Michelin Pilot Sport tires with 7x17 and 9x17 Fuchs-type rims.

Project description:

• Base Model: 964 Carrera 4 Targa
• Model Year: 1990
• Exterior Color: Slate Gray
• Inner color: Brown
• Displacement: 3,800cc
• Box type: G64/00
• Power: 330hp

Main features of the bodywork:
. ST Body
. Sport finish
. front spoiler

Main features of the interior:
. Leather/braided leather interior
. MOMO Prototype steering wheel
. Pre-67 911 Screen Printed Watches
. Radio Porsche Classic

Main features of the engine:
. Mahle Motorsport 3.8 Engine kit
. Camshafts Sport
. Type 993 Flowmeter
. Switchboard Reprogramming
. Sport exhaust system with Sport catalysts
. Additional oil cooler at the front

Main characteristics of the chassis:
. Bilstein PSS 10 suspension (adjustable height and stiffness)
. Sport stabilizer bar system
. Fuchs rim 7x17 and 9x17
. Michelin Pilot Sport tire

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