Porsche 993 Carrera 4S (1997)



Enrollment date

210 KW (285cv)


Exterior color

Vehicle description

993 Carrera 4S sold new in Italy (Padova) in August 1997 and registered in Spain in 2018. Unit with manual gearbox and only 77.723km.

Color Black (code L741) with black “Softlook” leather interior.

The car retains all its original books and its original maintenance booklet is completely sealed in official Porsche Centers. Between 2012 and the year it arrived in Spain (2018) the car was stored without use.

The bodywork has recently been polished, the wheels have been restored and Bilstein Sport B8 shock absorbers (x4) have been fitted.

Accident and rust free car that retains all original factory decals.

The car retains its original K7 Porsche CR-21 Radio, with which it left the factory, but currently it has just been fitted with the new Blaupunkt Bremen radio with modern functionalities (CarPlay and Android Auto).

The 993 arrived on the market in 1994 as the 4th generation of the 911. Aesthetically, it was greatly modernized compared to its predecessors. Its headlights were flattened and its bumpers were more integrated into the body. Its 3.6-liter engine initially offered 272hp and in 1996, thanks to the adoption of the Varioram variable distribution, the model increased its power to 285hp. For the transmission, you could choose between a 6-speed manual transmission or a Tiptronic S automatic transmission. For traction, it was available with both rear and 4-wheel drive. At the chassis level, it debuted the LSA (Light, Stable and Agile) rear axle, which gives the car greater stability and allows greater control of the rear, making the 993 a faster, nobler and safer car in sports driving. As for bodies, it was available since 1994 in Coupé and Cabriolet versions. A year later, the Targa version arrived. The Carrera S and Carrera 4S versions came with the wider Turbolook body. In 1998 the model gave way to the 996, the first 911 with a water-cooled engine.

Mileage Tracking

- April 1998: 20,104km

- February 2001: 33,389km

- December 2003: 43,458km

- August 2006: 54,179km

- November 2007: 55,882km

- July 2008: 60,959km

- September 2010: 64,877km

- March 2012: 71,059km

- Vehicle stored

- March 2018: 73,595km

- November 2019: 74,713km

- September 2020: 75,411km

- October 2023: 77,723km

Recent maintenance

- November 2023: Pre-Delivery inspection.
- October 2023: Air Conditioning Charge + Blaupunkt Bremen radio assembly + Body polish.
- February 2022: wheels restoration.
- November 2019: Replacement of the 4 shock absorbers with Bilstein Sport B8.

Chassis Number: WP0ZZZ99ZVS315754
Engine type: G64/21
Gearbox type: G64.20
Engine: 6 cylinder Boxer 3,600cc
Power: 285hp at 6,100rpm
Engine torque: 340Nm at 5,250rpm
Maximum speed: 275km/h

Vehicle equipment

C07: Italia / 220: Self-locking differential / 288: Headlight washer / 326: Porsche CR-21 Radio / 335: Rear 3-point belt / 408: 18” wheels Technology / 423: Coin and K7 holder / 425: Rear window wiper / 437 -438: Comfort Seats with electric vertical adjustment / 659: On-Board Computer / 939: Softlook rear seats / 982: Softlook front seats

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